5 Ways To Take Care Of Lost Credit Cards So As Not To Conceived

Credit card suddenly disappeared from the wallet? Already looking in every direction, from your wallet, purse, to your pants pocket, you still can’t find it? You also do not know whether the card is lost due to falling, tucked, or even stolen.

If it’s not taken care of right away, the worst possibility could happen to you: unknown bills come with a nominal that makes you bankrupt.

If you have this, avoiding credit card bills is impossible. If ignored, interest expense can make debt more fat. It’s fallen, hit by the stairs too. Having lost a credit card, you still have to bear payments that you don’t make. Wow, it’s bad!

Then, what should we do if the credit card is lost? Calm down, no need to panic. Immediately take the steps below to avoid the risk of financial loss that could occur.


Contact the credit card issuing bank

credit card issuing bank

Contact the issuing bank customer service immediately to block the card. The point is to avoid misuse of cards by irresponsible people. The sooner the contact, the better. Therefore, transactions that occur before the request for blocking will remain the responsibility of the card owner.

The blocking process generally takes a short amount of time, around 5-15 minutes. The clerk will ask for the reason for blocking, credit card number, and some personal information, such as date of birth and biological mother’s name. As a preventative measure, you should also store card information, including card number and card validity period.


Track recent credit card transactions

credit card transactions

Track recent credit card transactions. If there are no transactions that you did not do, then you can breathe freely. Maybe your card is just tucked away or hasn’t been abused by anyone else.

Conversely, if there are transactions that you do not do, immediately submit a report to the card issuing bank.

Complaints can be submitted in writing and addressed to the relevant bank by being forwarded to the relevant agencies, such as the Directorate of Banking Investigation and Mediation (Cream Bank), the Indonesian Credit Card Association, and the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI).

If the complaint does not get the response expected from the bank, you can come directly to the YLKI office, the Directorate of Banking Investigation and Mediation of Cream Bank, or the Consumer Dispute Resolution Agency (BPSK) to submit a complaint.


Report loss to the police station

credit loan

After the card is blocked, immediately report the loss to the police station to get a proof of credit card loss. This document is required to apply for a new card at the relevant bank.

Even if you just come directly to the police station, remember that the loss report cannot be represented so that the card owner must come to report.

Do not forget to immediately photocopy the letter of proof of loss that has been obtained so that you have a copy of the data if at any time needed. To request a proof of loss, you will not be charged a dime or free.


Close the old account, create a new account

credit loans

If the proof of loss is in your possession, go to the relevant bank customer service to request a replacement credit card. However, before closing the credit card account that has been lost. Replacement cards will generally be sent to the cardholder’s address within 24 hours.

If you use a credit card for automatic bill payment services, connected to a Paypal account or another account, don’t forget to delete or update the data on that account immediately.


Take good care of new credit cards

new credit cards

Even though the process above is fairly easy, losing a credit card can still be stressful. Moreover, if card loss occurs when you are traveling abroad or are in need of card services in the near future.

Therefore, take good care of your credit card and try to only carry a card if needed. Finally, always check credit card bills carefully to monitor expenses while making sure there are no “occult” transactions.

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