This Complete Guide to Submitting Online Credit Cards

It is not the time for credit card applications to be directly through the bank or sales marketing. Credit cards can now be obtained online.

Submitting an online credit card is certainly more concise and faster than if you have to come to the bank. All stages of submission to the issuance of credit cards online do not need a lot of energy, let alone costs.

So easy, one person can apply for credit cards online to two or three banks at once in one day. Thank the scientists who have contributed to developing the Internet to be as useful as it is today.


Online credit card applications can use a number of channels or facilities

Online credit card applications can use a number of channels or facilities

The stages are more or less the same. The difference is only in the details of the page. Channels to apply for credit cards online, namely:

1. Card issuing bank site
2. Comparison of financial services sites that work with banks
3. Marketplace that has been integrated

Bank site is the online address of the bank that issued the credit card. But not all banks provide credit card filing facilities online. Banks that have this service include BCA, BRI and BNI.

The financial services comparison site provides AZ information about banking products to insurance, such as unsecured loans, car insurance, and credit cards. On this site users can also directly apply the services needed, including online credit cards.

According to an integrated marketplace is a trading site that works with comparative or banking sites to become a bridge for users. It works the same as a comparison site, but information about related products is not as complete as a comparison site.

The steps for applying for an online credit card at these three facilities are as follows:


1. Registration

loan application

The first and foremost thing is registration on related sites. Specifically for submitting credit cards online at the bank, the registration stage is integrated with the application when filling out forms.


2. Look and compare features

Every credit card product is unique. Look and compare the desired card to find the most suitable, both the terms and benefits.

At this stage, submitting a credit card on the comparison site is most useful. Because, you can compare credit cards from many banks at once. If you apply on the bank’s website, you can only compare types of credit cards from the bank.


3. Apply

loan Apply

If you have found the most appropriate credit card, immediately apply. From there, you will usually be asked to fill out the form and upload the required documents. So also prepare the results of scans of documents such as KTP, NPWP, until the salary slip.


4. Submit application

Submission of credit cards online at each bank can have different procedures. Some of them can all be online, but some of the forms and documents must be sent by post. Check these shipping conditions so they are not mistaken.


5. Wait for verification

5. Wait for verification

Usually within one or two weeks after credit card submission there will be an incoming call from a bank clerk for verification. This call is very important to ensure the fate of your application. If the phone is repeatedly answered or missed, the credit card certainly will not be issued.


6. Credit cards accepted

6. Credit cards accepted

Generally about a week after verification, a decision has been made on whether or not online credit card applications are accepted. If there is no news, maybe the application is rejected. If successful, the card will be sent to the address as stated on the credit card form.


Credit Card Slips Online

Credit Card Slips Online

Easy is not an online credit card application? But, behind the convenience, there are some things that can make you complacent and make you slip.

Credit card online or not, there are conditions that must be met if you want to get it. If there is one condition that is not met, say goodbye to the hope of having a credit card.

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